COSR and a dog named Piper

This is completely unrelated to the topic of my blog, and I hope you’ll forgive me for posting this. However I love dogs, and I love my own more than life itself. This situation causes me a lot of sadness, because I lost a dog earlier this year, albeit to cancer, and I will never stop grieving for her. As such, I’ve decided to do a fundraiser. I will donate HALF of my own commission to the Bring Piper Home GoFundMe page for all customers purchasing with this purpose between now and August 31st. I know my ‘flyer’ is taking up a lot of room on your page, but please scroll down and read the original blog post. I don’t know the blogger, I’m not affiliated with them in any way, other than my desire for justice in bringing Piper home. #BringPiperHome.

Bring Piper Home - THRIVE fundraiserIf you prefer to view this as a PDF (it’s a bit more legible and you can manipulate the size, here it is:

Bring Piper Home – THRIVE fundraiser

Last but not least, it just so happens that the most amazing sale THRIVE has ever had is going on this month, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of home parties:


Life of the Bipolar Mind

About a year ago, the Other Half and I were on our way home from my Dad’s place, when we spotted a dog running loose on the streets.  We quickly pulled over, seeing a buff colored pit bull type dog, we were careful to approach her, but quickly realized she was VERY friendly and must belong to someone.  We looked around a bit, then decided we would take her home for the night, as the ASPCA had closed already.

We took a couple pictures and put them on Facebook, thinking maybe we would find her owners before having to take her to the shelter.

Although, we…and I’m ashamed to say it, had a brief moment where we thought…we could just keep her.  We’d been talking about getting a dog…she was there…and obviously loved and cared about by someone.  If it were me in their position I would want someone to…

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Shelf Reliance: THRIVE Mu Shu Beef Stir Fry

Shelf Reliance: THRIVE Mu Shu Beef Stir Fry.

Today’s story features my version of Chef Todd’s Mu Shu Beef Stir-fry!

I decided to open up the rest of the veggies we received this week so that I could try them. There was zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, peas. Even Scott didn’t mind the last three, but I didn’t make him try the zucchini, lol!

Then, I asked him if I should open the beef dices. He said to go for it so I did… and I just stared into the can. Scott reached for a piece, as my eyes got big… he said it was good! So, I decided to be brave and took a small piece. Oh my!!! It was so tasty!!! By far my favorite meat protein from THRIVE Life to date!

I promptly looked up the Mu Shu Beef recipe that THRIVE suggests. I didn’t quite have everything it called for, so I made some substitutions, and it was delicious!!!

I didn’t have the carrots or bell peppers. I also added cauliflower and broccoli because those are two of my favorite stir-fry veggies! I had peas but… not the biggest fan of peas at the best of times, so I decided to omit.

I used Epicure’s garlic, and some freeze-dried cilantro (no fresh of either). I used tamari instead of regular soy sauce. Tamari is often gluten-free, though some brands have a bit of wheat. If you have problems with gluten, make sure to check the label. It’s also more flavorful in my opinion, and less salty.

I didn’t have regular rice vinegar, but I used a mango-flavored rice vinegar which worked just fine. I also didn’t have the THRIVE beef bouillon, so I used the OXO beef stock that I had on hand.

Express Hearty Chili = Success!

I was rather hungry last night, but didn’t really feel up to cooking. I thought it might be a good time to try one of the pouches of THRIVE’s new Express line of products: pre-prepared products, just add water. Normally I’m not big on that kind of stuff, but I figured it’s hard to go wrong with chili. THRIVE Express Hearty Chili with Beans So, I put four waters of cup edit: four cups of water (I can’t believe I published it with that backwards! four waters of cup, sheesh!) in a saucepan and added the pouch contents (minus the oxygen absorber of course!) Stirred it up and followed the directions to let it boil, then simmer for 20-25 minutes. It was still a bit more liquid than I normally like, but after letting it sit for a few minutes (as per directions, duh!) it firmed up a bit and I ladled it into a bowl. I hadn’t reconstituted any cheese, so I thought why not just sprinkle some of the freeze-dried cheddar on top? It had a nice crunch and added texture. Freeze-dried Cheddar CheeseI started eating quite enthusiastically after the first bite. It was really tasty! Then I remembered I should probably take a picture for my blog. This blogging thing is terribly complicated at times. 😉 2014-07-04 22.25.00 Yes. I’m eating at my laptop. Mea culpa. What do you think about eating freeze-dried cheese without reconstituting it? I think it tastes like scrumptious cheese crips!!! I have to stop myself from eating it by the spoonful out of the can!

July Specials are here!!

What an amazing month of specials. I’ve already added the July Picnic Pack to my order, it’s such a fantastic deal.

July 2014 Specials



The specials are already a great deal when you buy directly on my website, but if you want the Q Club pricing, let me know and I’ll hook you up!

To order from the website, click the link in the right sidebar. If you want more info, use the Contact form at the top!



My 5-minute Bolognese sauce!

Normally I make my pasta sauce from scratch, but it takes a lot longer than 5 minutes. THRIVE Life has a great line of sauce bases, which you can use just by adding water, or in a recipe to create another sauce or even a dish. In my starter kit there was a pantry size can of Tomato Sauce, so I decided to make pasta on Monday.



Now, remember fussy husband, no likey vegetables? I don’t have a lot of vegetables to incorporate yet, but so far I have celery and onion that I can use. I am NOT putting sweet corn in my pasta sauce, lol. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out my ability to ‘disguise’ veggies in the food I make, using THRIVE’s freeze-dried veggies. You see, one of the benefits of freeze-dried foods is that you can grind it down into a powder. Finally, an opportunity to use the mortar and pestle!!

2014-06-23 16.31.02



Anyhow, let me backtrack a bit. The first thing I did was reconstitute the ground beef. To make 1 lb. of ground beef, you combine 2 ½ cups Ground Beef with 2 cups of warm water. Give it a stir to make sure it’s evenly soaking up the water, and let it sit for a few minutes. Can you see how the stuff in the can looks dry, and the stuff in the bowl looks moist? Maybe not, I just took these quickly on my iPhone!

2014-06-23 16.32.09



Next, I put some celery in the mortar and ground it up. It only took me 15 to 30 seconds, not hard at all! I did the same for the onions.

Powdered Celery 2014-06-23 16.35.03

2014-06-23 16.36.26



Stirred it all up and moved on to the next step! Now, I want to mention, there is an excellent recipe for Bolognese Sauce right on the can of Tomato Sauce. I’ve been making my own from scratch for years, and I didn’t have everything called for, so I just ignored it. That being said, if you purchase the Tomato Sauce, I highly recommend trying the recipe!

At this point, I got so excited by how fast things were progressing that I forgot to take pictures, eep! I was literally maybe no more than 5 minutes into my adventure. I chucked the above into the skillet, and proceeded to mix up some sauce in a bowl. Chucked the tomato sauce in the skillet, added some ground pepper and some roasted garlic powder to it, and let it simmer! OMG, a 5-minute Bolognese!

It was very tasty. Hubby commented that it tasted a bit different from what I normally make, but that he liked it. I asked him if he’d be okay with me making it that way from now on, and he said yes! I’m really looking forward to getting some red and green bell peppers to grind up and add to my sauce next time!

The funny thing is that it took longer to boil the pasta than it did to make the sauce. That’s a first. Here is the end result below. I toyed with the thought of using some of the THRIVE cheese (which we tried the other day and was very tasty!) but I had some Balderson’s 2 year aged cheddar in the fridge that I really wanted to use. =)

2014-06-23 18.58.34


What do you think? How do you make your Bolognese sauce, and what would you suggest I add next time? Here is the full list of veggies (I was even thinking I could sneak broccoli and asparagus in… if I wanted!) Let me know what I should try!

Saturday Market in the Park – Cultus Lake!

Just a quick check-in! I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff the last few days, but haven’t forgotten about my blog!

Two days ago I spent the day at Cultus Lake, at an event called Saturday Market in the Park. It was the opening weekend, and the weather wasn’t great so there weren’t too many people, but I still had a lovely time. I had a booth sampling THRIVE foods. I offered samples of freeze-dried pineapple, banana, and sliced strawberries. I forgot to take a picture, so here’s one I borrowed from the internet, so you can see how beautiful it is there!



I will be back at Cultus Lake this coming Saturday June 21, so if you’re local to me (British Columbia, Canada) please come on by and try some THRIVE foods! If you want to find the market, here’s a map:

What are your plans for the first official weekend of the summer?!!

Lax regulations allows Nestlé free B.C. water to sell back to consumers

This is crazy! I had no idea that Nestle is using that water for free and reselling it!!!

Global News

The B.C. government is under fire for their lack of water regulations, which allows companies to use and resell millions of litres of water without paying a cent to the province.

The Nestlé Waters Canada operates in Hope, B.C. and uses 230 million litres of fresh water every year from an aquifer in the Fraser Valley. It’s the same aquifer the residents of the valley use for their water.

The food and beverage giant is not required to measure, report or pay for the water because of B.C.’s lack of regulations on its use. Nestlé then takes the ‘free’ water and sells it back to consumers across Western Canada.

This has left Fraser Valley residents wondering if their portion of that underground supply could soon run out.

“They weren’t concerned with having to pay for water,” says Sheila Muxlow, The Water Wealth Project. “But if they were going to have…

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Drumroll please…

So here’s the thing. I love THRIVE foods so much, that I’ve decided to become a consultant, eeeeeeee!!! The kit is all food that we’re going to eat, so how can I go wrong? And this “home party” company is like none other I’ve ever known: there is no sales requirement, or party requirement, or recruitment requirement! As long as I spend $50/month myself (buying food!) I’m considered an active consultant. And if the day ever comes that I don’t want to buy THRIVE foods anymore, I just stop.

The thing about becoming a consultant is that I now get my food even cheaper. Yay! And if you’re wondering what’s up with the Scottie dog, well, they’re my favorite and you don’t see shots of them looking excited like this too often. In other words, I included it just because I can!


excited scottie

What worries you most?

-Are you concerned with Emergency Preparedness and having food on hand in case of emergencies?

-Are you concerned about eating non-GMO foods? What about ensuring your food is packaged in a gluten-free environment?

-Are you concerned about the amount of spoiled food that gets thrown out in your house?

-Are you concerned about eating healthy when you have little time to prep and cook food?

-Do you have seasonal income, and are concerned about your grocery bill when funds are low?

Which of the above are concerns for you? They are all concerns for me, to varying degrees, and THRIVE foods can help you with these concerns. I wish I could reach through the computer screen and give you a sample. You won’t believe how tasty it is until you actually try it! Let me know if you’d like me to send you a sample.  =)

Yay! My first order arrived!!!

I’m so excited, my order arrived today!!! Is it ridiculous to get so excited over freeze-dried food? I have to figure out what I want to try first!


It took all my willpower not to open the peaches and strawberries and eat them on the spot! When hubby gets home, we’ll try things out. Even though he opened the actual box without me!

The first month of ‘Taste of THRIVE’ comes with the brand new guide that they came out with a couple of months ago. Haven’t read it yet, but it’s full of information about how to use the food and whatnot.


It also came with a pamphlet with info on each of the products in the box, and some quick tips on how to use everything in the box. Oh, and there are also some recipe cards, which I didn’t take a picture of.

ImageThe real test is going to be the instant milk. My husband says he used to drink a gallon of milk a day when he was younger. Fortunately he only goes through about a gallon a week now! So all that to say that he loves his milk. Apparently in a blind taste test, people preferred the instant milk over fresh milk. We’ll see what he thinks, but if his reaction to everything else he’s tried holds, he will love it. How great would that be? I don’t have to worry about using the last of the milk before we pick up a new gallon! Oh the small pleasures in life! Stay posted, I’ll let you know what he thinks! If nothing else, it is supposed to be really easy to use in baking. I might have to experiment with some ‘cake in a jar’ recipes, I bet it would come in real handy for that.