Freeze-dried, say whaaaat?

When I was 16, I visited Washington DC. Of course on the list of stops was the Smithsonian. I don’t remember much, the lines have blurred between my memory and what I’ve read/seen/heard about the Smithsonian. I want to say I remember the Spirit of St. Louis, but do I? Did I just see it on tv, or in a movie? The one absolute memory I have is NASA’s freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. It was Neapolitan flavoured, and I bought a package to take home and share with my family. It was only impressive by the fact that it was freeze-dried. Otherwise, the flavor left to be desired.

That was my first foray into freeze-dried foods. Thank you Smithsonian. While I didn’t care to repeat the taste test, I was still in awe at the technology. Fast forward several years into my 30s. I’m now happily married… to a man who doesn’t eat vegetables. There isn’t a single vegetable he likes, with the exception of snow peas says he. Of all vegetables, what an odd one to like. He also likes pickled beets (go figure) but I tell him pickled doesn’t count. Nor do potatoes.

Needless to say, cooking has been a challenge. I grew up in a household where vegetables accompanied every meal, and onions in particular were in abundance. I don’t even really think of onions as a vegetable really, they’re more of a seasoning: they add flavor to everything. How can you cook without onions???

Over the past nine years of my married life, I’ve discovered that if I chop stuff finely enough, I can sneak in lots of things, including onions. I was thrilled a few years ago when I found little jars of freeze-dried onions at the grocery store. This now meant that I could easily toss in a handful of itty bitty chopped onions into dishes without worrying about cutting into an onion for such a measly portion, and about it going bad before I could use it all up. They also had other freeze-dried items like cilantro, which I promptly bought as well. The drawback? So pricey!

Now fast forward to the present, just a few weeks ago. A friend invited me to a home party. Normally I don’t commit to attending unless I plan on buying, as I personally feel it’s a bit umm, rude (yes, I said it!) A few years ago I sold Pampered Chef, primarily so that I could stock my own shelves with product I really enjoyed but couldn’t justify buying otherwise, so I get the whole party concept, and it’s just always nicer when people at least buy something. So at first glance I didn’t plan on attending. It was called Thrive Life, and I thought it might be vitamins and supplements, or some weight-loss program. I took a look anyhow, and boy did I get excited. It was freeze-dried foods! Everything under the sun!!! The rest is history as they say, and I’m now happily waiting for my first order. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can try everything out, and I will be posting notes about my Thrive journey so I can track what I like, don’t like, recipes etc.