COSR and a dog named Piper

This is completely unrelated to the topic of my blog, and I hope you’ll forgive me for posting this. However I love dogs, and I love my own more than life itself. This situation causes me a lot of sadness, because I lost a dog earlier this year, albeit to cancer, and I will never stop grieving for her. As such, I’ve decided to do a fundraiser. I will donate HALF of my own commission to the Bring Piper Home GoFundMe page for all customers purchasing with this purpose between now and August 31st. I know my ‘flyer’ is taking up a lot of room on your page, but please scroll down and read the original blog post. I don’t know the blogger, I’m not affiliated with them in any way, other than my desire for justice in bringing Piper home. #BringPiperHome.

Bring Piper Home - THRIVE fundraiserIf you prefer to view this as a PDF (it’s a bit more legible and you can manipulate the size, here it is:

Bring Piper Home – THRIVE fundraiser

Last but not least, it just so happens that the most amazing sale THRIVE has ever had is going on this month, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of home parties:


Life of the Bipolar Mind

About a year ago, the Other Half and I were on our way home from my Dad’s place, when we spotted a dog running loose on the streets.  We quickly pulled over, seeing a buff colored pit bull type dog, we were careful to approach her, but quickly realized she was VERY friendly and must belong to someone.  We looked around a bit, then decided we would take her home for the night, as the ASPCA had closed already.

We took a couple pictures and put them on Facebook, thinking maybe we would find her owners before having to take her to the shelter.

Although, we…and I’m ashamed to say it, had a brief moment where we thought…we could just keep her.  We’d been talking about getting a dog…she was there…and obviously loved and cared about by someone.  If it were me in their position I would want someone to…

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