Drumroll please…

So here’s the thing. I love THRIVE foods so much, that I’ve decided to become a consultant, eeeeeeee!!! The kit is all food that we’re going to eat, so how can I go wrong? And this “home party” company is like none other I’ve ever known: there is no sales requirement, or party requirement, or recruitment requirement! As long as I spend $50/month myself (buying food!) I’m considered an active consultant. And if the day ever comes that I don’t want to buy THRIVE foods anymore, I just stop.

The thing about becoming a consultant is that I now get my food even cheaper. Yay! And if you’re wondering what’s up with the Scottie dog, well, they’re my favorite and you don’t see shots of them looking excited like this too often. In other words, I included it just because I can!


excited scottie


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