Yay! My first order arrived!!!

I’m so excited, my order arrived today!!! Is it ridiculous to get so excited over freeze-dried food? I have to figure out what I want to try first!


It took all my willpower not to open the peaches and strawberries and eat them on the spot! When hubby gets home, we’ll try things out. Even though he opened the actual box without me!

The first month of ‘Taste of THRIVE’ comes with the brand new guide that they came out with a couple of months ago. Haven’t read it yet, but it’s full of information about how to use the food and whatnot.


It also came with a pamphlet with info on each of the products in the box, and some quick tips on how to use everything in the box. Oh, and there are also some recipe cards, which I didn’t take a picture of.

ImageThe real test is going to be the instant milk. My husband says he used to drink a gallon of milk a day when he was younger. Fortunately he only goes through about a gallon a week now! So all that to say that he loves his milk. Apparently in a blind taste test, people preferred the instant milk over fresh milk. We’ll see what he thinks, but if his reaction to everything else he’s tried holds, he will love it. How great would that be? I don’t have to worry about using the last of the milk before we pick up a new gallon! Oh the small pleasures in life! Stay posted, I’ll let you know what he thinks! If nothing else, it is supposed to be really easy to use in baking. I might have to experiment with some ‘cake in a jar’ recipes, I bet it would come in real handy for that.




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