Do you remember the old Life cereal commercials? Thanks to that commercial, “Mikey likes it” became the catchphrase when you don’t expect a person to like a certain food or dish, but they taste it and do end up liking it.

Well, in my first post I talked about my husband not liking vegetables. At all. Sometimes he’ll indulge me and eat a little bit, but the deal breaker is always onions, which he hates with a passion.

So guess what? Yesterday’s BBQ chicken sliders had red peppers AND onions! He literally gobbled it down, didn’t notice the onions though the red peppers were hard to miss, especially when one fell out onto his plate, and loved it! I was shocked when I looked at his plate and realized he had cleaned up every last bit of chicken that fell out, as well as the red pepper.

I commented about him eating the red pepper, and he said he didn’t mind it and thought it added to the flavor!

Well knock me over with a feather!!!

p.s. Totally unrelated, but a heads up that I’m going to do a review on Thrive’s golden cornbread mix shortly. I won a can in a door prize draw, and although it’s not something I would purposely buy, I don’t mind cornbread and I’m looking forward to trying it! Stay tuned!


Mikey likes it!

2 thoughts on “Mikey likes it!

    • How old is your grand-daughter? I find that most kids grow out of it and accept as an adult that eating things we don’t like is part of being healthy. Hubby, not so much!


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