My Q is set up!

What’s a Q? Think of it as the word ‘queue’. You’ve picked product that you want to order, and on the pre-determined date your order ships out. That’s perhaps not the way Thrive Life explains it, but that’s how it made sense to me when I first learned about it. You can manipulate your queue over the course of the month, so it’s not like you have to order the same stuff each month.

This is one way that Thrive differs from other home/party businesses, at least in my experience from having attended various parties. You can flip through the product catalog and place a one-time order, or if like me you know right away you want to incorporate Thrive foods into your lifestyle. You have to order a minimum of $100 through the Q each month, otherwise a yearly membership fee applies. That’s really not that big of a deal in my opinion though, because realistically, how much do you spend on groceries in a month? You’re essentially just reallocating a small portion of your grocery budget.

The thought of putting together my first Q order was a bit daunting, I must admit. Have you ever gone to the grocery store determined to only spend a certain amount, but come out with two or three times that amount? Guilty as charged. At first, I planned on taking home the product list and figuring out with my husband what foods we wanted to try. Then, Marcy (my consultant) talked about what they call “Smart Start”. Basically, it’s a selection of their most popular foods sent out over the space of three months (one per month)… Yes!!! I don’t have to pick and choose!!! Sometimes that’s a good thing.

They have three different levels to pick from: $100, $150, or $200. I really liked the assortment of the $100 Smart Start, so I went with that one. And actually, they just launched the $100 level last month, and I think it was a good decision on their part. Here’s what I’ll be getting for month 1:

· Chopped Chicken (FD)

· Strawberry Slices (FD)

· Peach Slices (FD)

· Chopped Onions (FD)

· Celery (FD)

· Sweet Corn (FD)

· Instant Milk

· Classic Tomato Sauce

· Classic Cookie Dough Mix

It should arrive sometime next week. So excited!!!


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