Freeze-dried, say whaaaat?

When I was 16, I visited Washington DC. Of course on the list of stops was the Smithsonian. I don’t remember much, the lines have blurred between my memory and what I’ve read/seen/heard about the Smithsonian. I want to say I remember the Spirit of St. Louis, but do I? Did I just see it on tv, or in a movie? The one absolute memory I have is NASA’s freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. It was Neapolitan flavoured, and I bought a package to take home and share with my family. It was only impressive by the fact that it was freeze-dried. Otherwise, the flavor left to be desired.

That was my first foray into freeze-dried foods. Thank you Smithsonian. While I didn’t care to repeat the taste test, I was still in awe at the technology. Fast forward several years into my 30s. I’m now happily married… to a man who doesn’t eat vegetables. There isn’t a single vegetable he likes, with the exception of snow peas says he. Of all vegetables, what an odd one to like. He also likes pickled beets (go figure) but I tell him pickled doesn’t count. Nor do potatoes.

Needless to say, cooking has been a challenge. I grew up in a household where vegetables accompanied every meal, and onions in particular were in abundance. I don’t even really think of onions as a vegetable really, they’re more of a seasoning: they add flavor to everything. How can you cook without onions???

Over the past nine years of my married life, I’ve discovered that if I chop stuff finely enough, I can sneak in lots of things, including onions. I was thrilled a few years ago when I found little jars of freeze-dried onions at the grocery store. This now meant that I could easily toss in a handful of itty bitty chopped onions into dishes without worrying about cutting into an onion for such a measly portion, and about it going bad before I could use it all up. They also had other freeze-dried items like cilantro, which I promptly bought as well. The drawback? So pricey!

Now fast forward to the present, just a few weeks ago. A friend invited me to a home party. Normally I don’t commit to attending unless I plan on buying, as I personally feel it’s a bit umm, rude (yes, I said it!) A few years ago I sold Pampered Chef, primarily so that I could stock my own shelves with product I really enjoyed but couldn’t justify buying otherwise, so I get the whole party concept, and it’s just always nicer when people at least buy something. So at first glance I didn’t plan on attending. It was called Thrive Life, and I thought it might be vitamins and supplements, or some weight-loss program. I took a look anyhow, and boy did I get excited. It was freeze-dried foods! Everything under the sun!!! The rest is history as they say, and I’m now happily waiting for my first order. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can try everything out, and I will be posting notes about my Thrive journey so I can track what I like, don’t like, recipes etc.


2 thoughts on “Freeze-dried, say whaaaat?

  1. I have a convection oven and have been drying kale all day. My growing season is over and it is getting hot. I live in SW FL. I now have a whole pint of crushed dried kale to use in soups and what ever I want.. I am now starting on the last of the Collards. They dry nice too. I just set my oven to the lowest temperature and turn on the convection . I put the greens on a tray lined with parchment paper and put them in the oven. I keep a eye on them while I do other things. Every oven is different and you can do them in a standard oven only it take a little longer so the times vary. I will use them like a herb. I am really not a prepper but I grew up with a mother that had a garden and we did stuff like this.


    • A co-worker brought in some kale chips she had done in her oven, and they were amazingly tasty. I’ve been meaning to try making some myself, but somehow never get around to it.


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